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Hurricane Harvey Disaster Recovery for Wastewater Facilities and Collection System

  • ClientHouston Public Works
  • LocationHouston, TX
  • Cost$1.6M

Key Services:

  • Site Inspection & Assessments
  • Improvement Plans & Recommendations
  • Cost Estimating
  • FEMA Disaster Recovery

Trigon provided professional engineering services related to the Hurricane Harvey Disaster Recovery for the City of Houston’s sewer lift stations, wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs), and the collection system. Trigon worked with multiple project managers in Wastewater Operations through this work and had great relationships with their key upper management.

Lift Stations
Trigon served as the prime consultant for the Hurricane Harvey Disaster Recovery for thirty-six (36) lift stations in the City of Houston. The project involved performing detailed asset inventories and damage assessments of facilities; reviewing existing documentation of damages; coordinating with relevant government entities; mobilizing technical staff to document and capture damages caused by the flood; preparing detailed cost estimates for repairs/replacement of damaged assets; conducting testing, analysis, and surveys as required; and providing periodic progress reports for tasks applicable to insurance and FEMA claims. Once the damage assessments and documentation were complete, Trigon prepared a technical memorandum which detailed pre- and post-storm conditions, repair and replacement alternatives and costs; and mitigation alternatives for future disasters. The information contained within the technical memorandum was used to prepare insurance and FEMA claim documentation. Trigon also served as a subconsultant providing similar services for 65 other lift stations throughout the City. Trigon worked on over 100 City of Houston Lift Stations as a part of these efforts.

Wastewater Treatment Plants
Trigon provided professional engineering services as a subconsultant related to Hurricane Harvey Disaster Recovery of multiple WWTPs, including the 69th Street WWTP, Sims North WWTP, Kingwood Central WWTP, and Clinton Park WWTP, with a range from the largest City WWTP to average and small WWTPs. Trigon attended multiple site visits at the WWTPs to evaluate pre-Hurricane Harvey conditions and assess damage due to Hurricane Harvey.

Collection System
Trigon provided professional engineering services as a subconsultant related to Hurricane Harvey Disaster Recovery of the sewage collection system in the City of Houston. The project involved researching collection systems damaged by previous flood events caused by major Hurricanes that are reflective of Harvey, and review of City data, including service requests, work orders, and CCTV data, to understand if damage to the collection system could be documented by review of this data. Trigon’s expertise in this project included knowledge of sewage collection systems, the City’s data management systems, and the ways in which flood events damage buried pipeline systems.

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