Leadership at Trigon: Guiding Collaboration, Designing Solutions

Trigon is led by a dynamic team of seasoned professionals and industry veterans, steering the course toward collaborative solutions that empower communities and stand the test of time. Our managing partners shape Trigon’s vision and ensure that each project embodies the core values of Quality, Commitment, and Client Service.

Michelle Herbert

Managing Partner/CEO
With over 25 years of experience in the engineering industry, Michelle has demonstrated expertise in project and program management, particularly on Capital Improvement Projects, disaster recovery, hazard mitigation, and international development. Since Trigon’s inception, Michelle has been a key member of the leadership team, contributing significantly to the planning, development, implementation, and overall direction of the firm’s operational and fiscal functions. Additionally, she serves as the primary Client Service Manager for key clients and is the driving force behind Trigon’s major business development activities. Michelle’s multifaceted role underscores her integral position in shaping Trigon’s success. 

Lisa F. Cookmeyer, PE

Managing Partner/CEO Emeritus
Lisa’s impressive career spans over 40 years and includes engineering planning, design, and program and project management for both private and public sector projects. She has played a pivotal role in a myriad of projects, ranging from municipal infrastructure and facilities engineering to large disaster recovery efforts and beyond. Lisa has not only been a leader within her community but also extended her influence on a national and international scale, making her a true innovator in our field. 

Souheil “Sal” Mansour

Managing Partner/President
Drawing upon over 40 years of experience in management, planning, design, and construction across municipal, industrial, commercial, and international development projects, Sal stands as an invaluable asset to Trigon and our diverse array of clients. Over the course of his career, Sal has led numerous capital improvement programs, water, wastewater, and drainage master plans, as well as disaster recovery projects. His unwavering dedication and skill set have left an indelible mark across the southern US and globally, and his strategic development and planning prowess play a vital role in steering projects and programs of varying types and sizes towards success. 

Gregory Kolenovsky, PE, PMP, PgMP

Managing Partner/Vice President
Greg has over 25 years of planning, engineering, design, and management experience. He also has a strong background in water resources and municipal infrastructure, such as: Consent Decree SSO programs, water distribution programs, drainage/storm water systems, streets and roadways, and infrastructure master planning. Greg’s knowledge of these major planning and engineering areas, whether the project is in his backyard or an ocean away, is part of what makes Trigon the successful company it is today. Greg’s primary experience is within the Southeastern US, but he has also worked on projects in the Middle East, Vietnam, and Haiti. Besides serving as Principal-in-Charge and overseeing many of the technical aspects of the company’s work, Greg also manages Trigon’s business development and client service activities.  Trigon’s leaders collectively bring decades of experience in program management, project management, engineering, and construction. Their collaborative approach, combined with a dedication to effective communication and transparency, sets the tone for Trigon’s commitment to delivering exceptional results.