Packaged WWTP
Packaged WWTP1

Packaged Wastewater Treatment Plants Feasibility Study

  • ClientUSAID/West Bank & Gaza
  • LocationWest Bank & Gaza; Palestine
  • Cost$150k

Key Services:

  • Site Inspection & Assessments
  • Environmental Services
  • Improvement Plans & Recommendations
  • O&M Development
  • Project Controls (Cost & Scheduling)
  • Bid/Award Phase Services
  • Construction Phase Services
  • Program Management & Support
  • Quality Assurance
  • Capacity Building

Trigon provided services to the US Agency for International Development (USAID) under a large infrastructure program, the Infrastructure Needs Program Phase II (INP II).  Efforts under the INP II were primarily focused on wastewater collection and treatment, water distribution and storage, and road construction/rehabilitation.


Prior to the project, there was very minimal wastewater collection and treatment infrastructure in the West Bank, and what did exist was generally limited to larger cities.  With approximately 40% of the population living in small and/or remote communities (population <7,500), packaged WWTPs proved to be the most viable option for establishing wastewater treatment.  A wide range of packaged WWTP types were considered as part of the study, including traditional small plants in shipping-container-like arrangements, to larger capacity field-erected steel and concrete tank arrangements.  A key component of this project involved assessing how wastewater would be collected and conveyed to any new WWTPs, due to the overall lack of existing collection systems.

Scope of Work

In March 2012, Trigon was authorized to perform a Feasibility Study to evaluate the validity and applicability of utilizing packaged wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) in the West Bank.

General services provided by Trigon consisted of:

  • Performing initial trip to West Bank by engineers experienced with wastewater treatment and packaged WWTPs to kickoff study, meet with stakeholders and evaluate conditions.
  • Data collection and review, including coordination with the Palestinian Water Authority (PWA).
  • Market research to evaluate treatment technologies/packaged WWTPs by multiple manufacturers. Technologies included Extended Aeration, Oxidation Ditch, Sequencing Batch Reactor, Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor, Integrated Fixed-Film Activated Sludge and Membrane Bioreactor.
  • Evaluation of information provided by manufacturers.
  • Preparation of comprehensive report detailing the study.
  • Return trip to West Bank to present results to USAID, PWA and various agencies/ministries and develop implementation plan.

Following the study, coordination efforts occurred to identify possible locations for one or two pilot installations to be installed through USAID and was completed in 2018.

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