Now, more than ever, safe and reliable infrastructure services are vitally important to maintaining public health. Trigon is committed to helping its clients provide these critical utilities to our communities, neighbors, and families, while ensuring the safety of our employees and doing our part to flatten the curve.

To that end, as is feasible, some Trigon staff are working from home as they shelter-in-place to maintain fully operational services and keep our projects on schedule. They are also taking full advantage of all that technology has to offer to keep the lines of communication open between staff and clients.  

We are fortunate that our major projects have not been negatively impacted by the pandemic. For staff who are not able to work from home at this time due to project needs, Trigon ensures the necessary precautions are in place to provide adequate protection.

We assure you that, while it is definitely not “business as usual” for any of us during this time, Trigon is just as dedicated to providing the same Quality, Commitment, and Client Service we always have.