Trigon’s 7th Anniversary!

This week, we celebrate the 7th anniversary of Trigon’s founding. We are proud of the team we have assembled – both in the States and in Palestine – as well as the accomplishments we have achieved together and the opportunities and recognition Trigon has received. Over the past year, our team has grown, we won a major USAID IDIQ contract, and Trigon, as well as individual members of the team, were recognized for their achievements by industry organizations – including Trigon being named the Louisiana PTAC Contractor of the Year. We are excited about what the future has in store and the inspiring legacy we are building. Here’s to another successful year of “Quality, Commitment, and Client Service” and to our founding partners – Lisa F. Cookmeyer, PE; Michelle Herbert, Sal Mansour; and Greg Kolenovsky, PE, PMP, PgMP – as well as, our employees, consultants, sub-consultants, and clients who help to make it all possible!


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