Shreveport water main
Shreveport water

District B Miscellaneous Water Improvements

  • ClientCity of Shreveport
  • LocationShreveport, LA
  • Cost$77k

Key Services:

  • Site Inspection & Assessments
  • Improvement Plans & Recommendations
  • Preparation of Construction Contract Documents
  • Cost Estimating

Trigon played a key role as a major subconsultant providing engineering design services under a Master Services Agreement for water improvement projects in the City of Shreveport. Specifically, Trigon contributed to three waterline replacement projects in District B, encompassing approximately 4,000 linear feet of potable waterlines.

In collaboration with the prime consultant, Trigon helped coordinate a unified design strategy across various waterline replacement projects conducted by multiple engineering firms. The scope of the waterline replacements typically included the installation of 8-inch PVC water mains using open cut and jack and bore methods, along with the installation of valves, fire hydrants, fittings, and appurtenances. This also involved the removal and abandonment of existing water mains, along with full restoration. The projects ensured functional water service restoration, including the installation of service lines, water meters, and meter boxes.

Trigon’s specific duties encompassed verifying field conditions through surveys, coordinating with existing utilities, designing new waterline placements in plan and profile according to the City of Shreveport’s standard specifications, developing cost estimates at various design phases (60%, 90%, and 100%), and executing CAD designs. These comprehensive responsibilities ensured each project component was complete and operational.

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