MIS Specialist – Vietnam

The MIS Specialist will be responsible for the development and use of any information management systems requested throughout the life of the project. The MIS Specialist position requires performance in the areas of software delivery, technical capacity, and project management.  Provide training and technical assistance to project team in the application of information management techniques and procedures.


Provide technical assistance, including the design and integration of reporting systems.

Support communication, and monitoring/evaluation initiatives with GIS information.

Integrate GIS, performance management, field monitors reporting and projects operational databases to generate tabular and cartographic output for analysis.

Lead training and capacity development activities for MIS applications users

Manage all technical operations requirements and implementation, internal and external engagements for MIS and related projects /activities

Evaluate and recommend appropriate technical solutions to support MIS activities for the project team.

Support the assessment / evaluation of ongoing MIS activities

Support data analysis and dissemination available data to inform project team.

Create models for new database development and/or changes to existing ones.

Install and configure relevant network components to ensure database access as well as database security, consistency and integrity.

Respond to and resolve database access and performance issues.

Create, or support creation of, required reports in response to project team needs.


Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, or related field.

A minimum of twenty (20) years of continuous experience in related field. 

Ability to work in database management systems such as MS Access, MS SQL Server, MySQL and SQLite

Strong communication skills in both English and Vietnamese (oral and written).

Excellent technical writing and verbal communication skills.


Experience with USAID-funded projects.


In order to integrate the foreign assistance effort into the community, enhance the skills of the cooperating country’s population, and contribute to the local economy, this position is designated for a Cooperating Country National (CCN), meaning an individual who is a cooperating country citizen, or a non-cooperating country citizen lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the cooperating country.