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Highway 11 Water Line Improvements

Plaquemines Parish Government

  • Location: Buras, Louisiana
  • Completed: 2012
  • Trigon is the prime engineer for these improvements, providing engineering, design, bidding and construction phase services.

    Highway 11 was the original highway into and out of southern Plaquemines Parish. It now continues to serve as an alternate route for Highway 23 and provides access to numerous residential neighborhoods, commercial properties and public/government facilities.

    An old 12” cast iron water main on the south side of Highway 11, between Cozezu Drive and Auditorium Drive, historically served as the primary water feed for the area. This 12” main is in poor condition and has been subject to breaks/leaks over the years. Within the past decade a newer 12” PVC water main was installed on the north side of Highway 11 as a secondary feed.

    This project generally includes the installation of approximately 2,000 linear feet of new 8” PVC water main on the south side of Highway 11, adjacent to the old 12” cast iron main; the 12” main is being abandoned after the new water main is in service.

    Following installation of the new and abandonment of the old water main, various pedestrian improvements funded by a federal grant are being implemented such as new sidewalks. The improvements are intended to complement and serve several public facilities in the area such as a library, auditorium, school and fire station.

    Trigon has coordinated with the Parish and their private contractor that operates and maintains the water system in this area. Construction bids are scheduled for receipt in late January 2012.