Another Adventure Begins…

Greg waiting in Vienna for the second leg of his trip to Jordan.

It has been nearly 11 months in the making, and Trigon’s new adventure OCONUS (Outside the CONtinental United States) is now beginning. We are proud and excited to be supporting USAID/Jordan in providing construction management/program management (CM/PM) services for two major school construction and expansion programs: the Jordan School Expansion Project (JSEP), under which 120 schools will be expanded, 300 kindergarten classrooms will be built and 50 sports and activity facilities will be constructed; and the Schools for a Knowledge Economy Project (SKEP), under which 25 new schools will be constructed.

Similar to the Infrastructure Needs Program, Phase II (INP II) for USAID/West Bank & Gaza, we will be providing oversight support for major construction programs utilizing primarily resources local to Jordan. Unlike INP II, however, Trigon will serve as prime for this project as opposed to serving as a subcontractor. We look forward to putting our eight years of experience in Palestine and more than 100 years of experience in CM/PM to good use in executing the Jordan project.

Join us as we document the project and the adventure, starting with our leads heading to Jordan to initiate the project, set up shop, recruit local staff and get things going. It will be a new experience for Vice President Greg Kolenovsky and a more familiar experience for President Sal Mansour as Trigon establishes its presence in Amman, Jordan for the next few years.